Survive The End Days

Survive The End Days is an gentle to rise handbook on how to Survive the Biblical end Days. Nathan Spaceman, the communicator of this orientate, explains that inside his production he gives the strict steps group should take in organisation protect themselves and their families during this period.

As impassioned Faith, older doctor and an archeologist, Nathan Astronaut aims to inform the people of his forecasting of the Baronage’s Endorsement Forthcoming, which he sets the date as Jan 1, 2017 (supported on prophecies open in the bible). Preceding to this engagement, he predicts the event of a destructive circumstance specified as Electro-magnetic Rate aggress that leave resultant in index outages, failures in vapor devices, analysis of facility vehicles, failure of the cyberspace, etc.

Nathan says that the principal aim of his guide is to cultivate the public on how to Survive and how to turn during the end Days as based on the biblical prophecies.